Number of Articles: 1228
301. Norwegian Priority Setting in Practice – an Analysis of Waiting Time Patterns Across Medical Disciplines

Volume 5, Issue 6, June 2016, Pages 373-378


Jurgita Januleviciute Gangstøe; Torhild Heggestad; Ole Frithjof Norheim

302. Cost-Effectiveness of Rural Incentive Packages for Graduating Medical Students in Lao PDR

Volume 6, Issue 7, July 2017, Pages 383-394


Eric Keuffel; Wanda Jaskiewicz; Khampasong Theppanya; Kate Tulenko

303. The Response to and Impact of the Ebola Epidemic: Towards an Agenda for Interdisciplinary Research

Volume 7, Issue 5, May 2018, Pages 402-411


Michael Calnan; Erica W. Gadsby; Mandy Kader Kondé; Abdourahime Diallo; Jeremy S. Rossman

304. Development of the Translating Allied Health Knowledge (TAHK) Framework

Volume 8, Issue 7, July 2019, Pages 412-423


Danielle Hitch; Genevieve Pepin; Kate Lhuede; Sue Rowan; Susan Giles

305. Adoption of Electronic Personal Health Records in Canada: Perceptions of Stakeholders

Volume 5, Issue 7, July 2016, Pages 425-433


Marie-Pierre Gagnon; Julie Payne-Gagnon; Erik Breton; Jean-Paul Fortin; Lara Khoury; Lisa Dolovich; David Price; David Wiljer; Gillian Bartlett; Norman Archer

307. Clinician Perspectives of Barriers to Effective Implementation of a Rapid Response System in an Academic Health Centre: A Focus Group Study

Volume 6, Issue 8, August 2017, Pages 447-456


John Rihari-Thomas; Michelle DiGiacomo; Jane Phillips; Phillip Newton; Patricia M. Davidson

308. Motivation and Retention of Physicians in Primary Healthcare Facilities: A Qualitative Study From Abbottabad, Pakistan

Volume 5, Issue 8, August 2016, Pages 467-475


Sayed Masoom Shah; Shehla Zaidi; Jamil Ahmed; Shafiq Ur Rehman

309. Predictors of Safer Conception Practices Among HIV-Infected Women in Northern Nigeria

Volume 8, Issue 8, August 2019, Pages 480-487


Zubairu Iliyasu; Hadiza S. Galadanci; Alfa I. Oladimeji; Musa Babashani; Auwalu U. Gajida; Muktar H. Aliyu

310. Sunshine Policies and Murky Shadows in Europe: Disclosure of Pharmaceutical Industry Payments to Health Professionals in Nine European Countries

Volume 7, Issue 6, June 2018, Pages 504-509


Alice Fabbri; Santos; Signe Mezinska; Shai Mulinari; Barbara Mintzes

311. Providing Value to New Health Technology: The Early Contribution of Entrepreneurs, Investors, and Regulatory Agencies

Volume 6, Issue 9, September 2017, Pages 509-518


Pascale Lehoux; Fiona A. Miller; Geneviève Daudelin; Jean-Louis Denis

313. Correcting India’s Chronic Shortage of Drug Inspectors to Ensure the Production and Distribution of Safe, High-Quality Medicines

Volume 5, Issue 9, September 2016, Pages 535-542


Abhay B. Kadam; Karen Maigetter; Roger Jeffery; Nerges F. Mistry; Mitchell G. Weiss; Allyson M. Pollock

315. Out-of-Pocket and Informal Payment Before and After the Health Transformation Plan in Iran: Evidence from Hospitals Located in Kurdistan, Iran

Volume 6, Issue 10, October 2017, Pages 573-586


Bakhtiar Piroozi; Arash Rashidian; Ghobad Moradi; Amirhossein Takian; Hooman Ghasri; Tayyeb Ghadimi

316. Methadone Maintenance Treatment Program in Prisons from the Perspective of Medical and non-Medical Prison Staff: A Qualitative Study in Iran

Volume 4, Issue 9, September 2015, Pages 583-589


Ghobad Moradi; Marzieh Farnia; Mostafa Shokoohi; Mohammad Shahbazi; Babak Moazen; Khaled Rahmani

318. Examining the Implementation of the Free Maternity Services Policy in Kenya: A Mixed Methods Process Evaluation

Volume 7, Issue 7, July 2018, Pages 603-613


Eric Tama; Sassy Molyneux; Evelyn Waweru; Benjamin Tsofa; Jane Chuma; Edwine Barasa

322. Application of Quality Assurance Strategies in Diagnostics and Clinical Support Services in Iranian Hospitals

Volume 4, Issue 10, October 2015, Pages 653-661


Asgar Aghaei Hashjin; Dionne Kringos; Hamid Ravaghi; Jila Manoochehri; Hassan Abolghasem Gorji; Niek Klazinga