Author = Tarra L. Penney
Systems Thinking and Complexity Science Methods and the Policy Process in Non-communicable Disease Prevention: A Systematic Scoping Review

Volume 12, Issue 1, 2023, Pages 1-17


Chloe Clifford Astbury; Kirsten M. Lee; Elizabeth McGill; Janielle Clarke; Matt Egan; Afton Halloran; Regina Malykh; Holly Rippin; Kremlin Wickramasinghe; Tarra L. Penney

Understanding Marketing Responses to a Tax on Sugary Drinks: A Qualitative Interview Study in the United Kingdom, 2019

Volume 11, Issue 11, November 2022, Pages 2618-2629


Hannah Forde; Tarra L. Penney; Martin White; Louis Levy; Felix Greaves; Jean Adams