Volume & Issue: Volume 4, Issue 7, July 2015 


1. Management Matters: A Leverage Point for Health Systems Strengthening in Global Health

Pages 411-415


Elizabeth H. Bradley; Lauren A. Taylor; Carlos J. Cuellar

Study Protocol

3. Exploring Health System Responsiveness in Ambulatory Care and Disease Management and its Relation to Other Dimensions of Health System Performance (RAC) – Study Design and Methodology

Pages 431-437


Julia Röttger; Miriam Blümel; Susanne Engel; Brigitte Grenz-Farenholtz; Sabine Fuchs; Roland Linder; Frank Verheyen; Reinhard Busse

6. Improving Wait Times to Care for Individuals with Multimorbidities and Complex Conditions Using Value Stream Mapping

Pages 459-466


Tara Sampalli; Michel Desy; Minakshi Dhir; Lynn Edwards; Robert Dickson; Gail Blackmore