An American Plague: Pro-Market Believers in Health Policy; Comment on “On Health Policy and Management (HPAM): Mind the Theory-Policypractice Gap”

Document Type : Commentary


Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers, Paris, France


Although American health policy debates address similar problems to other developed nations, it has factual and ideological specificities. I agree with Chinitz and Rodwin on the dominance of micro-economics thinking. However, I am not certain that learning from management theory or modifying medical education will be powerful enough to change the system. The vested interests of the stakeholders are too powerful, the more so when they are supported by economists who ideologically reinforce them and by neglecting the fact that the basic premises of market ideology are false when applied to medical care. There is enough empirical evidence to support that but, apparently, these facts do not dent these beliefs.


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