Frustrations of a Longtime Global Issues Activist; Comment on “Ensuring Global Health Equity in a Post-pandemic Economy”

Document Type : Commentary


People’s Health Movement, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


Labonté’s first commentary1 concluded with what I wholeheartedly agree, namely that “we need an activist public health movement to ensure there is sufficient political will to adopt them.” In their follow-up commentary, Moers and colleagues2 looked at things from a slightly different angle saying that to achieve equity will need radical changes in economic thinking and policies; they added that advocates needed to be strategic about framing and use hope-based communication and develop attractive and convincing narratives: “By doing so, hopefully we can bring these messages across to larger groups of people.” Well, I think that, together with many others, I have been strategic and radical, but only to accumulate a large bag of disappointments and broken hopes in trying to ‘bring the message across.’ But I come back to memories of so many defeats that I, with others, have lived through. Here, I describe my frustrations but explain why I do not give up hope. 


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  • Receive Date: 13 August 2023
  • Revise Date: 11 October 2023
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  • First Publish Date: 14 October 2023