IJHPM First Special Issue Published!

Hello Everyone!
I’m very pleased to announce that we published the very first special issue of IJHPM entitled: “Analysing the Politics of Health Policy Change in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: The HPA Fellowship Programme 2017-2019”. Here is the link to the special issue: https://www.ijhpm.com/issue_694_701.html
The lead editor for this issue was Lucy Gilson from the University of Cape Town, South Africa. Here is a brief outline of the issue taken from their editorial:
“This special issue presents a set of seven Health Policy Analysis (HPA) papers that offer new perspectives on health policy decision-making and implementation. They present primary empirical work from four countries in Asia and Africa, as well as reviews of literature about a wider range of low- and middle-income country (LMIC) experience”.
Please visit the short video summary Lucy prepared for this issue; the video link was added to all papers in the issue! https://youtu.be/gHd_dONiFfU
And here is the Twitter link for this issue: https://twitter.com/IJHPM/status/1400125368791703556
Our team had a very pleasant experience of working with Lucy and her team over the past year. Thank you Lucy for your leadership!
We are currently handling 3 more special issues, all of them are very close to be collected. Our next in-line special issue is a Health Economics Series by the WHO team led by Melanie Bertram scheduled to be published in August. Mohammad Hajizadeh was the lead editor of this issue. Thank you Mohammad and Melanie for leading this important work!
Last but not least: we are celebrating our 8th anniversary during these strange and difficult times. Mina is updating our social media platforms every day by adding testimonies we’ve received from a sample of authors, reviewers, and editorial board members.
Please stay tuned as more updates are coming!
Best wishes,
Akram Mahani
IJHPM Editor in Chief