Author = Cecilia Vindrola-Padros
“Attending to History” in Major System Change in Healthcare in England: Specialist Cancer Surgery Service Reconfiguration

Volume 11, Issue 12, December 2022, Pages 2829-2841


Catherine Perry; Ruth J. Boaden; Georgia B. Black; Caroline S. Clarke; Sarah Darley; Angus I.G. Ramsay; David C. Shackley; Cecilia Vindrola-Padros; Naomi J. Fulop

The Special Measures for Quality and Challenged Provider Regimes in the English NHS: A Rapid Evaluation of a National Improvement Initiative for Failing Healthcare Organisations

Volume 11, Issue 12, December 2022, Pages 2917-2926


Cecilia Vindrola-Padros; Jean Ledger; Melissa Hill; Sonila Tomini; Jonathan Spencer; Naomi J. Fulop

UK Healthcare Workers’ Experiences of Major System Change in Elective Surgery During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Reflections on Rapid Service Adaptation

Volume 11, Issue 10, October 2022, Pages 2072-2082


Georgina Singleton; Anna Dowrick; Louisa Manby; Harrison Fillmore; Aron Syverson; Sasha Lewis-Jackson; Inayah Uddin; Kirsi Sumray; Elysse Bautista-González; Ginger Johnson; Cecilia Vindrola-Padros

Special Measures for Quality and Challenged Providers: Study Protocol for Evaluating the Impact of Improvement Interventions in NHS Trusts

Volume 9, Issue 4, April 2020, Pages 143-151


Naomi Fulop; Estela Capelas Barbosa; Melissa Hill; Jean Ledger; Christopher Sherlaw-Johnson; Jonathan Spencer; Cecilia Vindrola-Padros; Steve Morris