Keywords = Obesity
Women Consumers’ Views on Legislation to Restrict Prominent Placement and Multibuy Promotions of High Fat, Sugar, and Salt Products in England: A Qualitative Perspective

Volume 12, Issue 1, 2023, Pages 1-9


Preeti Dhuria; Sarah Muir; Wendy Lawrence; Emma Roe; Sarah Crozier; Cyrus Cooper; Janis Baird; Christina Vogel

Ultra-Processed Food: The Tragedy of the Biological Commons

Volume 12, Issue 1, 2023, Pages 1-4


Norah Campbell; Sarah Browne; Marius Claudy; Kathryn Reilly; Francis M. Finucane

On Folk Devils, Moral Panics and New Wave Public Health

Volume 8, Issue 12, December 2019, Pages 678-683


Russell Mannion; Neil Small

Do We Know What We Do not Know? A Response to Celine Bonnet

Volume 1, Issue 4, 2013, Pages 319-320


Isabelle Moncarey; Sofie Van den Abeele; Ignaas Devisch

Food Taxes: A New Holy Grail?

Volume 1, Issue 2, 2013, Pages 95-97


Ignaas Devisch