Volume & Issue: Volume 13, Special Issue on Pakistan’s Progress on UHC, 2024 

Original Article

The Use of Evidence-Informed Deliberative Processes for Designing the Essential Package of Health Services in Pakistan

Pages 1-8


Rob Baltussen; Maarten Jansen; Syeda Shehirbano Akhtar; Leon Bijlmakers; Sergio Torres-Rueda; Muhammad Khalid; Wajeeha Raza; Maryam Huda; Gavin Surgey; Wahaj Zulfiqar; Anna Vassall; Raza Zaidi; Sameen Siddiqi; Ala Alwan

Addressing the UHC Challenge Using the Disease Control Priorities 3 Approach: Lessons Learned and an Overview of the Pakistan Experience

Pages 1-10


Ala Alwan; Sameen Siddiqi; Malik Safi; Raza Zaidi; Muhammad Khalid; Rob Baltussen; Ina Gudumac; Maryam Huda; Maarten Jansen; Wajeeha Raza; Sergio Torres-Rueda; Wahaj Zulfiqar; Anna Vassall

Assessing Global Evidence on Cost-Effectiveness to Inform Development of Pakistan’s Essential Package of Health Services

Pages 1-9


Maryam Huda; Nichola Kitson; Nuru Saadi; Saira Kanwal; Urooj Gul; Maarten Jansen; Sergio Torres-Rueda; Rob Baltussen; Ala Alwan; Sameen Siddiqi; Anna Vassall

Costing Interventions for Developing an Essential Package of Health Services: Application of a Rapid Method and Results From Pakistan

Pages 1-17


Wajeeha Raza; Wahaj Zulfiqar; Mashal Murad Shah; Maryam Huda; Syeda Shehirbano Akhtar; Urooj Aqeel; Saira Kanwal; Muhammad Khalid; Raza Zaidi; Maarten Jansen; Nichola Kitson; Leon Bijlmakers; Sameen Siddiqi; Ala Alwan; Anna Vassall; Sergio Torres-Rueda

The Use of Evidence to Design an Essential Package of Health Services in Pakistan: A Review and Analysis of Prioritisation Decisions at Different Stages of the Appraisal Process

Pages 1-12


Sergio Torres-Rueda; Anna Vassall; Raza Zaidi; Nichola Kitson; Muhammad Khalid; Wahaj Zulfiqar; Maarten Jansen; Wajeeha Raza; Maryam Huda; Frank Sandmann; Rob Baltussen; Sameen Siddiqi; Ala Alwan