Volume & Issue: Volume 10, Special Issue on Political Economy of Food Systems, December 2021 


The Political Economy of Healthy and Sustainable Food Systems: An Introduction to a Special Issue

Pages 734-744


Phillip Baker; Jennifer Lacy-Nichols; Owain Williams; Ronald Labonté

Addressing Malnutrition: The Importance of Political Economy Analysis of Power

Pages 809-816


Helen Walls; Nick Nisbett; Amos Laar; Scott Drimie; Shehla Zaidi; Jody Harris

Policy Action Within Urban African Food Systems to Promote Healthy Food Consumption: A Realist Synthesis in Ghana and Kenya

Pages 828-844


Andrew Booth; Amy Barnes; Amos Laar; Robert Akparibo; Fiona Graham; Kristin Bash; Gershim Asiki; Michelle Holdsworth

Understanding the Impact of Historical Policy Legacies on Nutrition Policy Space: Economic Policy Agendas and Current Food Policy Paradigms in Ghana

Pages 909-922


Anne Marie Thow; Charles Apprey; Janelle Winters; Darryl Stellmach; Robyn Alders; Linda Nana Esi Aduku; Georgina Mulcahy; Reginald Annan

What You Don’t Know About the Codex Can Hurt You: How Trade Policy Trumps Global Health Governance in Infant and Young Child Nutrition

Pages 983-997


Katheryn Russ; Phillip Baker; Michaela Byrd; Manho Kang; Rizki Nauli Siregar; Hammad Zahid; David McCoy