Volume & Issue: Volume 11, Issue 6, June 2022 

Short Communication

Gender Equality and the Global Gender Gap in Life Expectancy: An Exploratory Analysis of 152 Countries

Pages 740-746


José Tomás Mateos; José Fernández-Sáez; Jorge Marcos-Marcos; Carlos Álvarez-Dardet; Clare Bambra; Jennie Popay; Kedar Baral; Connie Musolino; Fran Baum

Original Article

Assistive Technology Use and Provision During COVID-19: Results From a Rapid Global Survey

Pages 747-756


Emma M. Smith; Maria Luisa Toro Hernandez; Ikenna D. Ebuenyi; Elena V. Syurina; Giulia Barbareschi; Krista L. Best; Jamie Danemayer; Ben Oldfrey; Nuha Ibrahim; Catherine Holloway; Malcolm MacLachlan

The Impact of Tiered-Pricing Framework on Generic Entry in Canada

Pages 768-776


Wei Zhang; Huiying Sun; Daphne P. Guh; Larry D. Lynd; Aidan Hollis; Paul Grootendorst; Aslam H. Anis

Introducing Voluntary Assisted Dying: Staff Perspectives in an Acute Hospital

Pages 777-785


Robin Digby; Rosalind McDougall; Michelle Gold; Danielle Ko; Lisa O’Driscoll; Tracey Bucknall

Integrating Palliative Care by Virtue of Diplomacy; A Cross-sectional Group Interview Study of the Roles and Attitudes of Palliative Care Professionals to Further Integrate Palliative Care in Europe

Pages 786-794


Jelle van Gurp; Jeroen van Wijngaarden; Sheila Payne; Lukas Radbruch; Karen van Beek; Ágnes Csikós; Marlieke Herder-Van der Eerden; Jeroen Hasselaar; InSup-C (FP7) Research Consortium

Academic Health Science Centres as Vehicles for Knowledge Mobilisation in Australia? A Qualitative Study

Pages 840-846


Alexandra Edelman; Robyn Clay-Williams; Michael Fischer; Roman Kislov; Alison Kitson; Ian McLoughlin; Helen Skouteris; Gillian Harvey