Volume & Issue: Volume 11, Issue 7, July 2022 


Corporations and Health: The Need to Combine Forces to Improve Population Health

Pages 871-873


Mélissa Mialon; Gary Fooks; Katherine Cullerton; Clara Gómez-Donoso; Hernando Salcedo Fidalgo; Rima Nakkash; Jennifer Lacy-Nichols

Short Communication

Measuring Organizational Readiness for Implementing Change in Primary Care Facilities in Rural Bushbuckridge, South Africa

Pages 912-918


Hannah H. Leslie; Rebecca West; Rhian Twine; Nkosinathi Masilela; Wayne T. Steward; Kathleen Kahn; Sheri A. Lippman

Partnering to Build Human Resources for Health Capacity in Africa: A Descriptive Review of the Global Health Service Partnership’s Innovative Model for Health Professional Education and Training From 2013-2018

Pages 919-927


Vanessa B. Kerry; Bonaventure Ahaisibwe; Bridget Malewezi; Deo Ngoma; Patricia Daoust; Eileen Stuart-Shor; Clelia Anna Mannino; Dick Day; Laura Foradori; Sadath A. Sayeed

Creating Political Will for Action on Health Equity: Practical Lessons for Public Health Policy Actors

Pages 947-960


Fran Baum; Belinda Townsend; Matthew Fisher; Kathryn Browne-Yung; Toby Freeman; Anna Ziersch; Patrick Harris; Sharon Friel

Are We Asking Too Much of the Health Sector? Exploring the Readiness of Brazilian Primary Healthcare to Respond to Domestic Violence Against Women

Pages 961-972


Ana Flávia Pires Lucas d’Oliveira; Stephanie Pereira; Loraine J. Bacchus; Gene Feder; Lilia Blima Schraiber; Janaina Marques de Aguiar; Renata Granusso Bonin; Cecilia Guida Vieira Graglia; Manuela Colombini

Using Group Model Building to Capture the Complex Dynamics of Scaling Up District-Level Surgery in Arusha Region, Tanzania

Pages 981-989


Henk Broekhuizen; Monic Lansu; Jakub Gajewski; Chiara Pittalis; Martilord Ifeanyichi; Adinan Juma; Paul Marealle; Edward Kataika; Kondo Chilonga; Etiënne Rouwette; Ruairi Brugha; Leon Bijlmakers

Evaluation of Pharmacovigilance System in Iran

Pages 990-1000


Malahat Khalili; Hamid Sharifi; Bita Mesgarpour; Mehrnaz Kheirandish; Sten Olsson; Naghmeh Javidnikou; Ali Akbar Haghdoost

Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists and Orthopaedic Surgeons Agree on the Decision for Carpal Tunnel Surgery

Pages 1001-1008


Karina J. Lewis; Michel W. Coppieters; Bill Vicenzino; Ian Hughes; Leo Ross; Annina B. Schmid

Measuring the Overall Burden of Early Childhood Malnutrition in Ghana: A Comparison of Estimates from Multiple Data Sources

Pages 1035-1046


John Paul Kuwornu; Jonathan Amoyaw; Taru Manyanga; Elizabeth J. Cooper; Elvis Donkoh; Amos Nkrumah

Towards Core Competencies for Health Policy and Systems Research (HPSR) Training: Results From a Global Mapping and Consensus-Building Process

Pages 1058-1068


Meike J. Schleiff; Avanti Rangnekar; Francisco Oviedo Gomez; Gina Teddy; David H. Peters; Dina Balabanova

A Report on Statistics of an Online Self-screening Platform for COVID-19 and Its Effectiveness in Iran

Pages 1069-1077


Sina Azadnajafabad; Sahar Saeedi Moghaddam; Negar Rezaei; Erfan Ghasemi; Shohreh Naderimagham; Mehrdad Azmin; Esmaeil Mohammadi; Kosar Jamshidi; Nima Fattahi; Hossein Zokaei; Ashkan Mehregan; Bahman Damerchilu; Pouya Fathi; Hossein Erfani; Abbas Norouzinejad; Mohammad Mehdi Gooya; Hamidreza Jamshidi; Reza Malekzadeh; Bagher Larijani; Farshad Farzadfar

Major Thalassemia, Screening or Treatment: An Economic Evaluation Study in Iran

Pages 1112-1119


Firooz Esmaeilzadeh; Batoul Ahmadi; Sajad Vahedi; Saeed Barzegari; Abdolhalim Rajabi

Economic Costs of Providing District- and Regional-Level Surgeries in Tanzania

Pages 1120-1131


Martilord Ifeanyichi; Henk Broekhuizen; Adinan Juma; Kondo Chilonga; Edward Kataika; Jakub Gajewski; Ruairi Brugha; Leon Bijlmakers

Density of Patient-Sharing Networks: Impact on the Value of Parkinson Care

Pages 1132-1139


Floris P. Vlaanderen; Yvonne de Man; Marit A.C. Tanke; Marten Munneke; Femke Atsma; Marjan J. Meinders; Patrick P.T. Jeurissen; Bastiaan R. Bloem; Jesse H. Krijthe; Stef Groenewoud

The Evolution of Trust Within a Global Health Partnership With the Private Sector: An Inductive Framework

Pages 1140-1147


Sarah Christie; Teresa Chahine; Leslie A. Curry; Emily Cherlin; Erika L. Linnander

Clinical Priority Setting and Decision-Making in Sweden: A Cross-sectional Survey Among Physicians

Pages 1148-1157


Catharina Drees; Barbro Krevers; Niklas Ekerstad; Annette Rogge; Christoph Borzikowsky; Stuart McLennan; Alena M. Buyx

Health in Food Systems Policies in India: A Document Review

Pages 1158-1171


Adithya Pradyumna; Arima Mishra; Jürg Utzinger; Mirko S Winkler

Mobilising Knowledge in (and About) Academic Health Science Centres: Boundary Spanning, Inter-organisational Governance and Systems Thinking

Pages 1238-1240


Alexandra Edelman; Robyn Clay-Williams; Michael Fischer; Roman Kislov; Alison Kitson; Ian McLoughlin; Helen Skouteris; Gillian Harvey