Volume & Issue: Volume 11, Special Issue on CHS-Connect, January 2022 

Short Communication

The Multiple Lenses on the Community Health System: Implications for Policy, Practice and Research

Pages 9-16


Helen Schneider; Jill Olivier; Marsha Orgill; Leanne Brady; Eleanor Whyle; Joseph Zulu; Miguel San Sebastian; Asha George; The Chaminuka Collective

Strengthening Research and Practice in Community Health Systems: A Research Agenda and Manifesto

Pages 17-23


Moses Tetui; Anna-Karin Hurtig; Frida Jonsson; Eleanor Whyle; Joseph Zulu; Helen Schneider; Alison Hernandez; The Chaminuka Collective

Exploring Politics and Contestation in the Policy Process: The Case of Zambia’s Contested Community Health Strategy

Pages 24-30


Joseph M. Zulu; Maligzani P. Chavula; Adam Silumbwe; Margarate N. Munakampe; Chama Mulubwa; Wanga Zulu; Charles Michelo; Helen Schneider; Uta Lehmann

Unlocking Trust in Community Health Systems: Lessons From the Lymphatic Filariasis Morbidity Management and Disability Prevention Pilot Project in Luangwa District, Zambia

Pages 80-89


Joseph M. Zulu; Patricia Maritim; Adam Silumbwe; Hikabasa Halwiindi; Patricia Mubita; George Sichone; Chileshe H. Mpandamabula; Frank Shamilimo; Charles Michelo