Volume & Issue: Volume 11, Issue 11, November 2022 

Review Article

Neurotrauma Surveillance in National Registries of Low- and Middle-Income Countries: A Scoping Review and Comparative Analysis of Data Dictionaries

Pages 2373-2380


Ernest J. Barthélemy; Anna E. C. Hackenberg; Jacob Lepard; Joanna Ashby; Rebecca B. Baron; Ella Cohen; Jacquelyn Corley; Kee B. Park

Hospitals Bending the Cost Curve With Increased Quality: A Scoping Review Into Integrated Hospital Strategies

Pages 2381-2391


Erik Wackers; Niek Stadhouders; Anthony Heil; Gert Westert; Simone van Dulmen; Patrick Jeurissen

Operationalising Regional Cooperation for Infectious Disease Control: A Scoping Review of Regional Disease Control Bodies and Networks

Pages 2392-2403


Anna Durrance-Bagale; Manar Marzouk; Sunanda Agarwal; Aparna Ananthakrishnan; Sarah Gan; Michiko Hayashi; Beth Jacob-Chow; Koh Jiayun; Lam Sze Tung; Hala Mkhallalati; Sanjida Newaz; Maryam Omar; Manit Sittimart; Mengieng Ung; Yang Yuze; Hsu Li Yang; Natasha Howard

Utility of the Right to Health for Addressing Skilled Health Worker Shortages in Low- and Middle-Income Countries

Pages 2404-2414


Kenneth Yakubu; Seye Abimbola; Andrea Durbach; Christine Balane; David Peiris; Rohina Joshi

Short Communication

Creating a Global Legal and Policy Database and Document Repository: Challenges and Lessons Learned From the World Health Organization Sexual, Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn, Child and Adolescent Health Policy Survey

Pages 2415-2421


Elizabeth Katwan; Geoffrey Bisoborwa; Betzabe Butron-Riveros; Sergei Bychkov; Kwami Dadji; Natalia Fedkina; C. Anoma Jayathilaka; Dhiraj Kumar; Zhao Li; Rajesh Mehta; Neena Raina; Khalid Siddeeg; Laura Ferguson; Line Neerup Handlos; Ashley Sheffel; James Kiarie; Mario R. Festin; Theresa Diaz

What Opportunities Exist for Making the Food Supply Nutrition Friendly? A Policy Space Analysis in Mexico

Pages 2451-2463


Gloria Cervantes; Anne-Marie Thow; Luis Gómez-Oliver; Luis Durán Arenas; Carolina Pérez-Ferrer

Irish Media Coverage of COVID-19 Evidence-Based Research Reports From One National Agency

Pages 2464-2475


Melissa K. Sharp; Zoë Forde; Cordelia McGeown; Eamon O’Murchu; Susan M. Smith; Michelle O’Neill; Máirín Ryan; Barbara Clyne

Using Network and Complexity Theories to Understand the Functionality of Referral Systems for Surgical Patients in Resource-Limited Settings, the Case of Malawi

Pages 2502-2513


Chiara Pittalis; Ruairí Brugha; Leon Bijlmakers; Frances Cunningham; Gerald Mwapasa; Morgane Clarke; Henk Broekhuizen; Martilord Ifeanyichi; Eric Borgstein; Jakub Gajewski

Developing a How-to-Guide for Health Technology Reassessment: “The HTR Playbook”

Pages 2525-2532


Lesley J.J. Soril; Adam G. Elshaug; Rosmin Esmail; Kalipso Chalkidou; Mohamed Gad; Fiona M. Clement

Hospital Readmission Due to Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease: A Longitudinal Study

Pages 2533-2541


Chidiamara Maria Njoku; Barbara Caecilia Wimmer; Gregory Mark Peterson; Leigh Kinsman; Bonnie Jayne Bereznicki

The Projection of Iran’s Healthcare Expenditures By 2030: Evidence of a Time-Series Analysis

Pages 2563-2573


Nader Jahanmehr; Mohammad Noferesti; Soheila Damiri; Zhaleh Abdi; Reza Goudarzi

An Analysis of Zonal Health Management Capacity and Health System Performance: Ethiopia Primary Healthcare Transformation Initiative

Pages 2610-2617


Lingrui Liu; Mayur M. Desai; Tibebu Benyam; Netsanet Fetene; Temesgen Ayehu; Kidest Nadew; Erika Linnander

Structural and Managerial Risk Factors for COVID-19 Occurrence in French Nursing Homes

Pages 2630-2637


Aline Corvol; Kevin Charras; Joaquim Prud'homm; Fabien Lemoine; Fabien Ory; Jean François Viel; Dominique Somme

Evaluating Public Participation in a Deliberative Dialogue: A Single Case Study

Pages 2638-2650


Tiffany Scurr; Rebecca Ganann; Shannon L. Sibbald; Ruta Valaitis; Anita Kothari

The Roles of Regional Organisations in Strengthening Health Research Systems in Africa: Activities, Gaps, and Future Perspectives

Pages 2672-2685


Catherine M. Jones; Joëlle Sobngwi-Tambekou; Rhona M. Mijumbi; Aaron Hedquist; Clare Wenham; Justin Parkhurst

Understanding the Political Skills and Behaviours for Leading the Implementation of Health Services Change: A Qualitative Interview Study

Pages 2686-2697


Justin Waring; Simon Bishop; Georgia Black; Jenelle M. Clarke; Mark Exworthy; Naomi J. Fulop; Jean Hartley; Angus Ramsay; Bridget Roe

Managing Urban Stroke Health Expenditures in China: Role of Payment Method and Hospital Level

Pages 2698-2706


Yong Yang; Xiaowei Man; Zhe Yu; Stephen Nicholas; Elizabeth Maitland; Zhengwei Huang; Yong Ma; Xuefeng Shi

The Use of Evidence-Informed Deliberative Processes for Health Insurance Benefit Package Revision in Iran

Pages 2719-2726


Mojtaba Nouhi; Rob Baltussen; Seyed Sajad Razavi; Leon Bijlmakers; Mohammad Ali Sahraian; Zahra Goudarzi; Parisa Farokhian; Jamaleddin Khedmati; Reza Jahangiri; Alireza Olyaeemanesh

A Complexity Lens on the COVID-19 Pandemic

Pages 2769-2772


Didier Wernli; Fabrizio Tediosi; Karl Blanchet; Kelley Lee; Chantal M Morel; Didier Pittet; Nicolas Levrat; Oran Young