Volume & Issue: Volume 11, Issue 12, December 2022 


COP27: The Prospects and Challenges for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA)

Pages 2776-2779


Amirhossein Takian; Arefeh Mousavi; Martin McKee; Vahid Yazdi-Feyzabadi; Ronald Labonté; Viroj Tangcharoensathien; Ruairí Brugha; Elizabeth Bradley; Lawrence Gostin; Eivind Engebretsen; Nir Eyal; Sharon Friel; Victor G. Rodwin; Ole F. Norheim; Mohammad Hajizadeh; Naoki Ikegami; Agnes Binagwaho; Ilona Kickbusch; Aidin Aryankhesal; Ali-Akbar Haghdoost

The Association Between Hospital Financial Performance and the Quality of Care – A Scoping Literature Review

Pages 2816-2828


Katarzyna Dubas-Jakóbczyk; Ewa Kocot; Marzena Tambor; Przemysław Szetela; Olga Kostrzewska; Richard B. Siegrist Jr; Wilm Quentin

Original Article

“Attending to History” in Major System Change in Healthcare in England: Specialist Cancer Surgery Service Reconfiguration

Pages 2829-2841


Catherine Perry; Ruth J. Boaden; Georgia B. Black; Caroline S. Clarke; Sarah Darley; Angus I.G. Ramsay; David C. Shackley; Cecilia Vindrola-Padros; Naomi J. Fulop

Integrating Nutrition Actions in Service Delivery: The Practices of Frontline Workers in Uganda

Pages 2895-2906


Brenda Shenute Namugumya; Jeroen J.L. Candel; Elise F. Talsma; Catrien J.A.M. Termeer; Jody Harris

How Denmark, England, Estonia, France, Germany, and the USA Pay for Variable, Specialized and Low Volume Care: A Cross-country Comparison of In-patient Payment Systems

Pages 2940-2950


Wilm Quentin; Victor Stephani; Robert A. Berenson; Lone Bilde; Katja Grasic; Riina Sikkut; Mariama Touré; Alexander Geissler

Impact of the Timing of Integrated Home Palliative Care Enrolment on Emergency Department Visits

Pages 2964-2971


Alessandro Scacchi; Armando Savatteri; Gianfranco Politano; Alessio Conti; Marco Dalmasso; Sara Campagna; Michela Maria Gianino

Why People Forgo Healthcare in France: A National Survey of 164 092 Individuals to Inform Healthcare Policy-Makers

Pages 2972-2981


Najeh Daabek; Sébastien Bailly; Alison Foote; Philippe Warin; Renaud Tamisier; Hélèna Revil; Jean-Louis Pépin

Emergency Department Visits Before, After and During Integrated Home Care: A Time Series Analyses in Italy

Pages 3012-3018


Sara Campagna; Alessio Conti; Valerio Dimonte; Paola Berchialla; Alberto Borraccino; Maria Michela Gianino

Quality and Performance Measurement in Primary Diabetes Care: A Qualitative Study in Urban China

Pages 3019-3031


Alon Rasooly; Yancen Pan; Zhenqing Tang; He Jiangjiang; Moriah E. Ellen; Orly Manor; Shanlian Hu; Nadav Davidovitch

How to Evaluate Health in All Policies at the Local Level: Methodological Insights Within Municipalities From the WHO French Healthy Cities Network

Pages 3060-3070


Marion Porcherie; Marie-Florence Thomas; Frédérique Quidu; Zoé Héritage; Zoé Vaillant; Jean Simos; Stéphane Rican; Nicola Cantoreggi; Emmanuelle Faure; Anne Roué Le Gall

What Can We Learn From Others to Develop a Regional Centre for Infectious Diseases in ASEAN?; Comment on “Operationalising Regional Cooperation for Infectious Disease Control: A Scoping Review of Regional Disease Control Bodies and Networks”

Pages 3141-3144


Yot Teerawattananon; Saudamini Vishwanath Dabak; Wanrudee Isaranuwatchai; Thongchai Lertwilairatanapong; Asrul Akmal Shafie; Auliya A. Suwantika; Cecilia Oh; Jaruayporn Srisasalux; Nopporn Cheanklin


The Way Forward on Nutrition in Food Systems Transformation: A Response to the Recent Commentaries

Pages 3155-3156


Gloria Cervantes; Carolina Pérez-Ferrer; Anne-Marie Thow; Eduardo Villarreal; Luis Durán-Arenas


New Directions in Global Health: How Sweden Can Advance Healthier Populations

Pages 3157-3158


Simon Holmesson; Robert Marten; Jesper Sundewall; Stefan Swartling Peterson; Ingrid Petersson; Ole-Petter Ottersen