Volume & Issue: Volume 11, Issue 3, March 2022 

Original Article

Medical Service Utilization and Direct Medical Cost of Stroke in Urban China

Pages 277-286


Dawei Zhu; Shi Xuefeng; Stephen Nicholas; Siyuan Chen; Ruoxi Ding; Lieyu Huang; Yong Ma; Ping He

Access of Migrant Youths in Sweden to Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare: A Cross-sectional Survey

Pages 287-298


Mazen Baroudi; Faustine Nkulu-Kalengayi; Isabel Goicolea; Robert Jonzon; Miguel San Sebastian; Anna-Karin Hurtig

Understanding the Costs of Surgery: A Bottom-Up Cost Analysis of Both a Hybrid Operating Room and Conventional Operating Room

Pages 299-307


Sejal Patel; Melanie Lindenberg; Maroeska M. Rovers; Wim H. van Harten; Theo J.M. Ruers; Lieke Poot; Valesca P. Retel; Janneke P.C. Grutters

Can Combining Performance-Based Financing With Equity Measures Result in Greater Equity in Utilization of Maternal Care Services? Evidence From Burkina Faso

Pages 308-322


Takondwa Mwase; Julia Lohmann; Saidou Hamadou; Stephan Brenner; Serge M.A. Somda; Hervé Hien; Michael Hillebrecht; Manuela De Allegri

Estimating COVID-19-Related Infections, Deaths, and Hospitalizations in Iran Under Different Physical Distancing and Isolation Scenarios

Pages 334-343


Hamid Sharifi; Yunes Jahani; Ali Mirzazadeh; Milad Ahmadi Gohari; Mehran Nakhaeizadeh; Mostafa Shokoohi; Sana Eybpoosh; Hamid Reza Tohidinik; Ehsan Mostafavi; Davood Khalili; Seyed Saeed Hashemi Nazari; Mohammad Karamouzian; Ali Akbar Haghdoost

Views on Workplace Policies and its Impact on Health-Related Quality of Life During Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Pandemic: Cross-Sectional Survey of Employees

Pages 344-353


Eliza Lai-Yi Wong; Kai-Fai Ho; Samuel Yeung-Shan Wong; Annie Wai-Ling Cheung; Peter Sen-Yung Yau; Dong Dong; Eng-Kiong Yeoh

Why Do They Leave? Challenges to Retention of Surgical Clinical Officers in District Hospitals in Malawi

Pages 354-361


Jakub Gajewski; Marisa Wallace; Chiara Pittalis; Gerald Mwapasa; Eric Borgstein; Leon Bijlmakers; Ruairi Brugha

Letter to Editor

How to Face COVID-19 Outbreak: Reconfiguration of a Private Radiological Clinic

Pages 407-408


Michaela Cellina; Filippo Pesapane; Laura Bracchi; Gianfranco Bracchi; Anna Maria Ierardi; Carlo Martinenghi; Gianpaolo Carrafiello